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Healthy Green Juice Recipes You Can Try In Your Cold Press Juicer

Juices are a convenient way of increasing your fruits and vegetable consumption and adding many essential nutrients in your diet that you otherwise find hard to consume. Many people do not enjoy a plate of broccoli or salad on the dinner table but when the same thing is presented in the form of a juice you will either enjoy it or find it easier to gulp it down your throat. Green juices are especially healthy since they provide you with all the rich nutrients from the green vegetables. You have loads of options you can try. After trying a bunch of recipes that we have provided or are available on the internet, you can even experiment with your own unique combinations and find out how they taste. These are the green juices that I find most healthy and delicious and make them often in my cold press juicer:

Pineapple green juice:

Too much of greens can become to bitter for your tongue especially if you have just started consuming green juices. For the beginners, it is therefore recommended to keep the addition of green vegetables to a minimum in the juice drink and include some sweet tasting fruits to balance out the bitter taste.


1. Pineapple, 3kg
2. Green apple, 1kg
3. A few mint leaves
4. Cucumber, 1kg


Cut the pineapple and remove the skin. Push the pieces of pineapple through the feed chute of the juicer along with green apples, mint leaves and cucumbers. Serve the juice in glasses and garnish with mint leaves before you serve.

Beet Juice:

Beet improves your blood flow and is an excellent choice for athletes. It is a good drink to be consumed especially after a workout session to speed up your blood flow to deliver more oxygen to the muscles and remove toxins from them. The juice will also have the countless advantages of cucumbers and kale.


1. Red Beet, 2.5 kg
2. Orange, 1.5 kg
3. Cucumber, 1 kg
4. Kale, 1 kg


Push all the fruits and vegetables down the feed chute of your best cold press juicer after washing them thoroughly. Serve the juice in glasses and enjoy.

Carrot and Green Apple Juice:

Carrots are an excellent and popular ingredient for juices. This is not only a healthy drink but if you look at the ingredients you will know what a delicious combination it will make. You will have to make it to find out just how delicious it will be.


1. Carrots, 3.5 kg
2. Green Apple, 1.5 kg
3. Red Apple, 1.5 kg
4. Lemon, 100 g
5. Ginger, 100 g


Wash all the fruits and vegetables properly and then simply push them down the feed chute of your cold press juice extractor. Serve the drink out in glasses, add some ice cubes and serve it right away. Juices are best when consumed right away.

Grilling Fish on gas grill

Fish is among the healthiest food in the planet. They are packet with different nutrients such as proteins and vitamin-D and are great source of minerals. They are the best source for omega-3 fatty acids, which are very beneficial for your body and brain. There are different ways in which you can cook your fish. For example in an oven, on a cast iron, grilling them and even deep-frying them. I prefer to gas grill them, as that is the healthiest and easiest, resulting delicious fish. There are different ways to grill different types fish. Today we will discuss the procedure to produce a firm fish that is Salmon and tuna.

Grilling Salmon:

First of make sure you have a fresh fish; you can buy them from a local farmers shop. If that is not available than you can buy them from super markets, they do have fresh fish. Than straight away, keep them in the refrigerator.

Now you must start your gas grill, make sure you have a gas supply or filled propane tank. Open the nobes of the gas supply and turn on the gas grill with the help of lighter. Once the grill is light up, set up the temperature, you must cook your salmon on a medium flame. Set the flame and close the lid for six to seven minutes, so that the grates of the gas grill are hot enough.

While your gas grill grates are getting hot, take out your salmon out of the refrigerator and than drizzle it with olive oil and season it with salt and pepper. Now open the lid and place your salmon on best gas grill. If you are cooking salmon along with its skin, grill the skin side first.

Let your salmon be cooked for about five to six minutes depending on the thickness if the salmon, close the lid. While your salmon is cooking, you can prepare salad for yourself. After the grilling of one side of salmon, flip it with the help of a steel spatula very carefully. It may break apart. Now you can add onion slices along with garlic on the gas grill, drizzle some of the olive oil on the herb such as rosemary or thyme and place over the top of the grilled side of fish. Let the fish and your vegetables grill for about five minutes.

Now to ensure that your salmon is cooked, take a fork and try to break the fish it should flake apart easily. As your salmon is cooked, suddenly transfer them to the plate otherwise they will continue cooking.

Grilling Tuna:

To grill your tuna on gas grill, make sure it’s fresh and cold. Than repeat the above procedure for starting the fire. Than season your tuna with salt and pepper and a drizzle of olive oil. Cook each side of your tuna for about four to five minutes for a perfect medium rare tuna.

Maid Of Honor Speeches For Cousins

Being assigned as a maid of honor is a huge yet exciting role. It is a huge role because it comes with a responsibility too. For one, it is your responsibility to make a speech for the bride. Since it is a speech, you would want it be perfect and something the bride would truly appreciate. The speech also needs to be meant word by word while being said. Also, since it is a huge role, some of you will have a hard time making the speech. Are you doing one of maid of honor speeches for cousins right now, but having a hard time formulating even a single sentence? You should stop worrying now.

There is good news for you. In making maid of honor speeches for cousins, there is no need for you to take a training course just to learn how. There is a simpler and convenient way of making the speech for your cousin. What you need to do is take a deep breath and relax and make an original and heartfelt speech for your cousin. And, remember some tips while you are making the speech like:

Maid of honor speeches for cousins can be spiked with a little humor and lighthearted. It can also be serious. Just remember that the tone of your speech depends on your personality. Whatever your personality is, stick with it and do not change it even with the way you make the speech. Just be yourself while formulating the speech and you will get through it.

Ensure to make the speech a month before the occasion. This way, you will have enough time making a nice speech and in practicing the delivery. Consider the hints that others are giving you.

Maid of honor speeches for cousins should make your bride cousin special. Establish the love that you and the family feel for her. Do not forget to congratulate her and welcome the guests.

Use some funny incidents that involve both you and your cousin when you were still kids. Add to the speech how the incidents have made you the person you are now and how it let you learn to have a sense of responsibility

Remember the beautiful stories that you shared in life. It will give and help you in making a better speech. It is guaranteed that there were plenty of naught things that you both did. However, if you are going to make it part of the speech, make sure that it is on limit. Avoid including embarrassing parts as well.

These are the tips you should keep in mind when making maid of honor speeches for cousins. You can also make slight changes if you think you can and it is necessary. The best way you can do this is by being observant during the occasion. And, do not forget to introduce yourself! Your bride may be the center of the attention of the event along with this groom. But it is the first time of some of the guests to see the bride. That is why the speech should also make a good impression.

Having Daily Massage with the Massage Chair

Our lifestyles are changing and more and more people are being health conscious. Over the last decade the popularity of massage therapy has gained reasonable momentum and people have begun to understand and believe sits long-term health benefits. People want to use it on a daily basis due to the effectiveness of the massage chair for their heath. Massage therapy at home was considered to be quite challenging in the past and has become easy now with the advent of the massages.

The good thing about massage chairs is that you can use it for complete body massage from head to toes. With the passage of time, new technologies for massage have developed and the latest recliners in the market are meant to perform different massage treatments to different parts of the body. New technology has made this massage chair into the most advanced machine for massage where through just a single touch or button you can enjoy a very relaxing massage treatment. Many of these massage chairs have embedded Swedish and Japanese technology which can provide facilities such as deep tissue, acupressure, reflexology and shiatsu massage.

The best thing is that recliner massage chairs are now coming with a remote control which enables you to target almost any part of your body and you can use any technique as you like. This makes everything in your control and just with the touch of a button you can get any type of treatment. Basically, the massage recliners are made for your comfort and treatment. You just have to identify the specific body area and treatment and you can get rid of any pain and discomfort.  

If you have massage chair then you can use it as per your convenience or whenever you want to use it at home. You have to just select the mode and time of the massage, and according to your mood and requirement you can enjoy a very relaxing massage therapy. You can select the time and mode for massage and the chair will treat you accordingly.

This massage chair has the capability to serve full body massage and even you can use it to serve specific part of the body. In case of sore or body discomfort, this massage chair will relax not only your body but your mind as well. You will have a pleasant day and a relaxing mind after having a soothing massage with this chair.  You do not need to have a visit to the spa to relax if you have a massage chair at home from You do not need to take an appointment with a massage therapist or a physiotherapist as everything you need for a massage would be ready at your own home.

There is a great market of massage chairs which is full of variety and many products are offering different features. You have to see your requirements and budget before making the purchase decision. You must also do your research and ensure that the particular massage chair you are buying has a warranty with it.

Green Smoothies to Make In Your Blender

Incorporating greens like kale, cucumber and spinach in your meals is a great way to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Green smoothie is simply a blended drink with a combination of some leafy greens, one or more fruits and some liquid. Packed with nutrients, it makes a great replacement for a meal and helps remove your body toxins along with stimulating weight loss. Most people are reluctant to adopt green smoothies as part of their diet because of their strong leafy flavor or the fact that their color doesn’t make them an appealing drink. However, if you make them right, you can control the flavors and make it into a delicious drink that everyone will crave! All you need is a good blender, for that purpose best blender for smoothies – reviews & guide is the perfect place and some simple ingredients.Here are some simple and delicious green smoothie recipes for you to try:

1.Strawberry Pineapple Green Smoothie

Strawberries and pineapple make a delicious combination while broccoli provides with loads of nutrients which include Vitamin C, Vitamin K, potassium, iron and fiber.


  1.       Strawberries, ½ cup
  2.       Pineapples, ¼ cup
  3.       Broccoli, 1 cup
  4.       Almond milk, 1 cup
  5.       Honey, 1 tsp


First add almond milk to the blender jar followed by the remaining ingredients and blend till it smooth.

2.Avocado and Apple Green Smoothie

Packed with all the delicious nutrients it makes a delicious and refreshing breakfast to start your day.


  1.       Apple juice, 1 ½ cup
  2.       Kale, 2 cups (chopped)
  3.       Apple, 1 (seeds removed and cut in pieces)
  4.       Avocado, 1 (cut in pieces)


Add apple juice, kale and avocado to your best blender followed by apple. Blend until smooth. Apple is added last because it’s a little difficult to blend. Adding juice and easier ingredients before apple will give the blender enough liquid base to blend the apple more easily.

3.Orange Strawberry Green Smoothie

Spinach, low in fat and packed with nutrients is a great addition to any meal. The addition of almond milk, rich in proteins, further helps give an energetic start to a fresh day.


  1.    Orange, 1 (peeled)
  2.    Strawberries, 1/3 cup
  3.    Spinach leaves, 1 cup
  4.    Almond milk, 1 cup


First add almond milk to your blender jar and then the rest of the ingredients. Blend everything until smooth.If you don’t have a blender, you can find the best one right away at

4. Pineapple and Banana Green Smoothie

With these four simple ingredients, your delicious breakfast is just minutes away from you to mark the start of an energetic day.


  1.       Coconut milk, ½ cup
  2.       Spinach leaves, 2 cups (chopped)
  3.       Pineapple, 1 ½ cup
  4.       Banana, 1 (chopped)


Blend everything in a blender until smooth. You can add water if you prefer thinner consistencies.

Pressure Cooker VS Slow Cooker: Which Would You Choose?

Pressure Cooker VS Slow CookerPreparing homemade, healthy meal for our family everyday takes up a lot of our time in the kitchen. It can get tedious and monotonous. However, all thanks to the advancements in technology we have several appliances now to help us with our daily chores so that we can take out more time for ourselves. With less time spent in the kitchen, you can finally take out the time to read a good book or watch a television series you have been planning to for ages but never found the free time to do so. Pressure cookers and slow cookers are both very convenient appliances whose purpose is to save your time and energy spent in the kitchen. Although the purpose is the same, they both use an entirely different approach to achieve it.

Before deciding which pressure cooker is best for your needs and which one would you want to add to your household, you need to take a deeper look at the differences between the two. Here are the most significant differences between pressure cookers and slow cookers:

Mechanism Involved:

Slow cooker, as the name implies, cook food over a long period of time at much lower temperatures as involved in conventional cooking. Slow cooked meal in best slow cooker takes between 4 to 10 hours to cook depending on the setting you choose (high or low). The purpose is to allow the user the convenience of ‘set and forget’. Because the low temperatures involved, there is minimal risk of the food getting burnt and the user can leave it to cook through the night or even leave the house while the food is being cooked. No supervision is required.

Pressure cookers, on the other hand, use high pressures and temperatures to cook food around 70% faster than with conventional cooking techniques. They achieve this by trapping steam inside a sealed container to raise the pressure which results in a rise in the boiling point of water causing food to cook faster. By cooking the food faster, it helps you spend less time in the kitchen.

Planning Involved:

Cooker VS Slow CookerSince slow cookers take a much longer time to cook food, they require a bit of planning ahead of time. For example, if you want your meal ready in the morning, you need to prepare everything and set the cooker the night before. Slow cooker buyer’s guide can describe all timing include many other major considerations for getting the slow cooker.

Since pressure cookers allow faster cooking, no planning is required ahead of time. You can prepare your ingredients only an hour before you want your meal ready. It takes about 30 to 40 minutes to cook tough meats in a pressure cooker.

What to Cook in Each?

You can cook many dishes in your slow cooker. They are best known for soups and stews but you can also use them to cook meat, vegetables, fish and even desserts.

You can cook almost anything in a pressure cooker. It significantly reduces the cooking time of tough cuts of meat and dried beans.  You can also cook rice, stews, roast, vegetables, fish and much more.

If it’s still hard to decide whether you want a pressure cooker or a slow cooker, you can always invest in both or can buy a multi-cooker so that you are not missing out on any of the advantages.

Top 3 spiked golf shoes for Men

spiked golf shoes

Golf shoes are very important in determining the golfer’s performance on the golf course. Wearing the right pair of shoes while making your golf swing will, undoubtedly, enhance your performance on the course. However, wearing the wrong pair of shoes will only hold you back. With so many varieties of this product available in the market, your choice becomes quite difficult. Golf shoes come in two broad categories: spiked and spikeless. Although traditional metal spikes have been banned by most golf courses, companies still manufacture spiked shoes. These newer models of spiked shoes come with softer spikes that provide the same traction on the ground without posing any danger to the grass as was the case with metal spikes. Below is a list of some of the best spiked shoes available in the market today.

Adidas Men’s Tech Response 4.0 Golf Shoes

Adidas Men’s Tech Response 4.0 Golf Shoes

Along with delivering a stylish look, Adidas Tech Response 4.0 is lightweight, comfortable, breathable, durable and waterproof. What’s more, with only $60, they are super-light on the pocket too! Its TPU outsole is made of ThinTechTM technology to minimize the pressure on your joints. The Thintech golf cleats are specifically designed to maximize the grip on the ground. For men’s, there are also many things to consider when going to purchase mens golf shoes. You can also read buyer’s guide before making a decision. AdiwearTM technology, also on the outsole, provides with the necessary support on the ground even under the steepest conditions. Its insole, made with EVA foam, provides with maximum traction and support required to make the perfect golf swing along with providing comfort and cushioning. It has a synthetic mesh upper to allow breathability and comfort. Adidas offers the usual 90 day comfort guarantee as it does with most of its products. They are the best option if you are low on your budget but do not want a compromise on the quality.

FootJoy Men’s Hyperflex Golf Shoes

FootJoy Men’s Hyperflex Golf Shoes

The new Hyperflex golf shoe by FootJoy is strong, durable and provides stability along with being highly comfortable to wear. Next Gen HeelLocTM technology locks the heels in position to provide the feet with enhanced stability on the ground while making the swing. The midfoot and the toe area is a little wider to allow more room for movement to maximize comfort. The midsole features FTF (Fine Tuned Foam) 2.0 to allow more cushioning and comfort. It has replaceable spikes on the outsole to provide with maximum grip while making the swing.  It comes with 2 year waterproof warranty.

Adidas Tour 360 Boost

Adidas Tour 360 Boost

It features a soft, durable leather upper with climaproofTM technology. It provides enhanced cushioning and comfort along with being stylish to wear. Its full-length midsole boost foamTM provides the golfer with enhanced cushioning. The midsection of the shoe holds your feet nicely owing to the 360Wrap Saddle. Its TPU outsole has CenTraXion and thintechTM cleats to provide the necessary traction while making the swing. Adidas offers a 2 year waterproof warranty along with a 90 day comfort guarantee. For more golf equipment, you must visit You can also read many tips regarding golf swing, golf putting and top secrets to improve your golf game.

How to Make the Perfect Whipped Cream in Your Food Processor

Perfect Whipped Cream

Your food processor, sometimes called the workhorse of a kitchen, can do a number of things. It makes your life so much easier in the kitchen by taking away all of your tedious chores like chopping vegetables, grinding nuts, grinding meat, shredding a block of cheese and kneading dough. These tasks are performed by the food processor in a matter of seconds sparing your time for more leisure activities like reading a book or watching tv.

Besides these tasks, it can be used in many other exciting ways as well. Take for example whipped cream! Nearly all recipes suggest making whipped cream by a hand mixer. Take our word; food processor makes better whipped cream than you would dream of getting by any other machine! The whipped cream that comes out of a food processor is heavier and longer-lasting than any other whipped cream! It also saves you of the manual effort required in moving the hand mixer through the cream. In addition it will complete the process in just over a minute as compared to a hand mixer which takes much longer to perform the same task. There is no splattering either, unlike with mixer. With so many advantages, who wouldn’t want to try this technique out once! These are the steps you need to follow to make whipped cream with your food processor and for more recipes along with best food processor reviews check my source.

  1.    Store heavy whipping cream in the refrigerator for a couple of hours so that it is cold before you begin the process.
  2.    Add cold whipping cream to the bowl of your food processor.
  3.    Pulse it for 6 to 7 times until it begins to thicken and stop splashing the sides of the bowl.
  4.    Pulse it for 20 to 30 seconds until you get a thick and fluffy texture.
  5.    Next, add your flavorings. You can add powdered sugar and a few drops of vanilla extract. Pulse the machine again, just enough to combine everything.
  6.    You can serve it alone or it could be used as a topping for cake and other desserts. However you choose to use it, it is best served fresh. If you do not plan on serving it immediately however, it can be stored for a few hours in the refrigerator but not longer than that.

Making whipped cream is just one out of several uses of a food processor. There are many other recipes and very handy ways to use your hand held food processor.

Note: be careful while you process your cream, because if you let the machine run for longer than is required, your fluffy cream will start losing it texture very fast and you will be left with butter like texture in the bowl. You need to stay focused and vigilant and keep checking the texture to prevent over-processing.


The Importance of Fitness for Women

Importance of Fitness for Women

With the evolution of the health and fitness realm, women today are increasingly becoming more health conscious and are acknowledging the importance of fitness in their lives. Yet, a large number of women are still ignoring their health and just focusing on fulfilling their responsibilities for family life. Fitness does not only involves having a perfect body shape but also encompasses reaching an optimum level of health required for functioning to the best of one’s abilities.

Fitness for women results in a number of benefits ranging from physical and mental to emotional benefits as well. In order to have a healthy and fit body, women should take care of their diet and avoid fatty foods while incorporate organic nutritious foods in their diet. Moreover, they must have a proper workout routine to strengthen their muscles, lungs, and heart and have a fit body. This would keep them mentally fit as well. Having a fit body would be emotionally beneficial also as it would boost their confidence. While reducing weight, women face difficulty when it comes to reducing their waist. Waist training efforts could be beneficial in this regards. It involves wearing a waist trainer that constantly pressurizes the waist line and thereby helps in reducing the size of the waist.

Women’s fitness could tremendously aid women in reducing their exposure to risk of a number of diseases and health issues like diabetes, hormonal imbalances, arthritis, water retention, obesity, heart diseases, respiratory diseases, cancer, etc. In addition to the benefits for the overall health, fitness for women could also aid in terms of improving their fertility as obesity and poor health have been considered to be significant contributors of infertility.

Being fit boosts your energy levels, sustains physical functionality, and helps in minimizing or preventing complications from chronic diseases. Fitness also aids in having a better quality sleep, relieving stress, improving mental health, and decreasing the risk of early death. It decreases the risk of high cholesterol, hypertension, and type 2 diabetes.  It enhances your positivity and thereby improves your mental health and also makes you emotionally strong.

In order to be fit, having a healthy lifestyle, as in a proper diet and a regular workout routine, is a must.  Generally, it is recommended that women belonging to the ages 18 – 64 years must do moderate intensity workout for at least two and a half hours or vigorous intensity exercises for 75 minutes per week. They must also do strength training for at least two days a week.

Waist trainers are not only meant for women but if you are a man and want to have a waist trainer, you may purchase online easily. I found Waist Trainer Depot for purchasing all types of waist trainers and get useful information related to waist training and how to select the right one.

So you can’t make any more excuses! Fitness could aid in staying young inside and out, and it could facilitate you in enjoying a physically, mentally, and emotionally strong self. So put on your workout pants and enjoy a healthy and fit life ahead!